Activities 9: CC License

After reading about CC Licenses in English and Russian I have selected a CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike Licence. I think it’s important to refer, to write names of original creators. And anyone can reuse and rewrite the information according to own needs.

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Representing open education

Activity 3: Representing open education
After reading articles we need to present key features of open education.

First of all let’s talk about the open scholars. Which duties do they do? Which competence do they have?

New technologies lead to new educational system.

Using web2.0 helps easy sharing and creating.

So,modern development makes open education effective.

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Hello! I am Ilseiar Feoktistova from Kazan, Russia. I am Ph. D. in History. My field of investigation is history of public relations and advertising. My thesis was dedicated to Russian image promotion. My native language is Russian.
I have several Courseera courses yet, but Open University course (H817) is my first experience. The problem of open education is very significant for me. I am really interested in distance and digital education as a teacher and a student. I hope I will improve my own means of teaching.

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Open education

I will try to write blogposts. It is impossible for me now, but it is necessary for this course.

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